The holidays are quickly approaching, and with them the giving season. While retailers and publications alike are preparing for the season of shopping, the growing demand for luxury goods with ethical roots have stacked up in this season’s gift guides.

This month’s Harper's Bazaar’s Charitable Gifts Guide proves just this. Finally, one does not have to choose between luxury and socially-responsible products. Featured is our latest collaboration with MAKE Cosmetics and Opportunity Threads. 

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Cosmetic bag by Mercado Global x Make x Opportunity Threads

The MAKE cosmetic bag, which will be available for purchase on starting November 24th, is made of fabric woven by Mercado Global artisans and constructed by Opportunity Threads in North Carolina, USA.

In addition to this piece, we’ve exclusively created another cosmetic bag with these partners that was made available to Birchbox subscribers last month.

The bags were constructed from two different fabrics, one on a backstrap loom and the other on a floor loom. The weaving for these fabrics was done by artisans throughout three partnered cooperatives in the western highlands of Guatemala: Aldea Cojol Juyu in Comalapa, Chimaltenango, Mujeres Unidas in Chipiacul, Patzun, and Gensis in San Jorge, Sololá.


A partner artisan works on a backstrap loom

After the fabric was woven, it was then shipped to Opportunity Threads in North Carolina. A worker-owned cooperative, Opportunity Threads supports resurgence in textile work by employing Mayan immigrants living in the United States through fair labor and sustainable businesses practices.


A worker at Opportunity Threads constructs a Mercado x Opportunity Threads bag sold on Birchbox.

From Guatemala, to North Carolina, to your doorstep, we are so proud to be able to connect indigenous artisans and share their traditions with you. Even more so, we are proud to call MAKE Cosmetics, BirchBox and Opportunity Threads partners who are dedicated to showcasing the roots of their products and supporting fair labor standards in the fashion industry.

You too can give the gift of empowerment by buying the MAKE beauty bag starting November 24th, or any day of the year by visiting