Each Mercado Global collection starts with a journey to the highlands of Guatemala, where our design team collaborates with our talented partner artisans to create unique pieces, designed to inspire.

Prioritizing people and planet

In a world where mass production dominates the fashion industry, our commitment to both environmental and cultural sustainability grows stronger with each passing year.

Utilizing upcycled materials

Supporting our goal to reduce waste levels and lower our carbon footprint, we use upcycled materials where possible that save thousands of yards of fabric from the landfill.

Putting durability first

Our pieces are produced in small batches and are made from 100% cotton and high-quality leather. Each piece is handcrafted to last using traditional methods.

Supporting underserved communities

Through their work with Mercado Global, rural Indigenous women are able to access the international market and earn a fair wage for the first time in their lives.

All of what Mercado Global has been able to accomplish is only possible with your commitment and passion for our work.

We empower women from all walks of life, from the artisans weaving our products in Guatemala to the women who wear our accessories.

Together, we have proven that when we work as a community we can make a difference.