Mercado Global was launched in 2004 with a mission to transform the lives of Indigenous women, their families, and their communities in Latin America.

Through our nonprofit model, we weave together monetary support, education, and access to the global market, providing the vital tools for women to gain financial independence.


Community-Based Education

Artisans enhance their leadership and business skills through training conducted in local Indigenous languages.

Market Access

Indigenous artisans highly skilled in ancient Mayan weaving techniques face very limited sales opportunities. We connect women to international sales opportunities with major retailers and provide technical training for women to improve their weaving and sewing skills.

Asset Development

We provide women with the tools they need, like sewing machines and foot looms, to not only work on orders for international retailers with Mercado Global, but also to start their own local businesses.


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We believe that empowered women are key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

When women are provided with the tools and opportunities they need to be successful, they reach their full potential and help those around them do the same.

On average, women invest 90% of their wages back into their families.

They are more likely to send their daughters to school and improve their families’ health, making them catalysts for sustainable change in their communities.

The power of women is real and it can change our world.

If we work together to focus purchasing decisions — 80% of which are made by women in the US — on ethically-sourced products that empower women, we can change the outlook for our collective future.



Our handbag and accessory collections are expertly crafted using traditional weaving techniques that play a crucial part in slowing down the fashion industry.

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