What we do together with our partner artisans at Mercado Global

Empowering women and communities. Across the board, Mercado Global partner artisans are thriving in comparison to the national average.


99% of MG artisans’ children are enrolled in school.

35% of children are enrolled in school in Guatemala’s rural areas.

Bank Account

64% of MG artisans have a personal bank account.

Only 27% of the indigenous population have bank accounts.

Food and Nutrition

73% of MG artisans have access to the food and nutrition they need.

Only 45% of Guatemala's indigenous rural population has access to proper nutrition.

Women Leadership

84% of MG artisans are in a leadership position despite the inequality faced in a male-dominated society.

Guatemala has the fourth highest rate of gender-motivated violence in the world.

Faces of the Future: Artisan Portraits