Mayra Hernández González

Crystalizing Positive Energy in a World of Change

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Whether it was through her groundbreaking work in support of women and sustainability at Banorte or her current effort to elevate consciousness globally through high-frequency crystals at Instituto Xilonen, Mayra has always been a woman focused on making the world a better place.

Mayra Hernandez's journey as a catalyst for positive change began as the Chief Sustainability Officer at Banorte. Her groundbreaking sustainability initiatives elevated Banorte's environmental and social performance and positioned it as a global leader in sustainability efforts. Today, she is the Co-Founder of Instituto Xilonen, a Crystal Foundation with a profound mission to elevate consciousness and vibrations globally. IX Crystals are now strategically placed in over 25 countries, with the goal of amplifying the efforts of notable IX Crystal Keepers, unlocking their potential, and catalyzing a ripple effect of positive energy worldwide.

“Reflecting on my own challenges as a woman, since my early thirties I started supporting womens’ causes. Over time, it became crystal clear to me that empowering women is crucial to bring balance to this world and make it a better place to live.”

Mayra Hernández González

In recognition of her incredible work, she has been selected as one of the Honorees at Mercado Global´s Fashion Forward Gala on March 7th in New York City. The event will be a celebration of Mayra - as well as the other Honorees - and of Mercado Global’s 20th anniversary of making an impact across the Americas.

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It was Mayra’s giving spirit and desire for impact that led her to go beyond just accepting the award and taking the extra step to participate in Mercado Global’s Sigamos Aprendiendo (Let's Keep Learning) program. Sigamos Aprendiendo was created in response to the lack of continued learning opportunities for Mercado Global’s staff in Guatemala. The idea of the program is to bring experts from a variety of fields to give monthly classes to staff that will help them grow both professionally and personally.

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Over a 6 month period, Mayra, accompanied by the IX’s Philanthropy Advisor, Alexandra Guzmán Ibáñez, delivered a four part series to Mercado Global staff that touched on a variety of topics ranging from personal well-being to mediation and beyond!

“I had fun designing the workshop, but the best part was during the actual workshop. Not only was I humbled by their participation, presence, and openness, but also felt a deep sense of connection, like a divine sisterhood where we all as women go through the same challenges and it’s a gift when we as women can be there for each other.” 

Mayra Hernández González

Mercado Global is humbled to have the opportunity to honor Mayra and her incredible desire to make an impact. We hope that you can join us for the special event on March 7th in NYC!

“We are incredibly lucky to have committed professionals like Mayra and Ale donate their valuable time to help our staff grow on a personal level. The women truly enjoyed the opportunity and are looking forward to continuing their relationship with Mayra and the rest of the IX team.”

Ruth Álvarez-DeGolia, Mercado Global Founder