The Empowerment Report

October ‘23 Edition

A Family Affair

Sisters Julieta & Mercedes
Sewing for a Better Future

When Julieta and Mercedes were just young girls, their father and sister left for the United States to better provide for them. Now, these sisters recognize the incredible sacrifice their family made and the opportunity Mercado Global represents to create a better future.

As a part of the cooperative Mujeres Confeccionistas, Julieta and Mercedes are participating in the same work but with different ends in mind. Mercedes takes time on the weekends to continue her studies to achieve her dream of becoming a notary lawyer, while Julieta hopes her work with Mercado Global will allow her to one day own a store that sells traditional textiles.

The sisters say working with Mercado Global has completely changed their mindset:
“Cuando queremos, podemos”
“When we want to, we can”

What's Going on in Guatemala?

Dear supporters,

I am writing today to inform you of a situation we are currently experiencing in Guatemala.

Recently, Indigenous leaders have organized peaceful protests to demand the resignation of certain government actors. The protests are a reaction to an attack on our democracy and what we perceive to be acts aimed at preventing a popularly elected government from assuming office.

The Indigenous people of Guatemala are raising their voice, which has led to a unity of people in general, and we are firmly in the fight to protect our democracy. Thank you for taking the time to understand what is going on in Guatemala.


Lidia Garcia
Guatemala Director

“We are seeing an increase in prices and a shortage of food, transportation has stopped, and artisans who depend on their work day-to-day are suffering.”

Hilda Elizabeth, CBE Training Facilitator

“We know that demonstrating peacefully is a way of raising our voice to show our disagreement. We hope that the situation will be resolved soon and democracy will prevail.”

Ingrid, Technical Trainer

Staff Highlight
Meet Estefanya


Estefanya heard about Mercado Global through one of her professors at school when she was pursuing a degree. Working with the organization provides her with new experiences in a friendly and dynamic environment. Outside of work, Estefanya continues to study medicine in pursuit of her ultimate dream of becoming a doctor.

“Mercado Global provides a foundation for growth and progress, empowering us to believe that anything we want is possible.”

to help us continue to empower women in Latin America.