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The Empowerment Report

April '24 Edition

Mother's Day

with Mercado Global Staff

Portrait photo of Aurora Matzar, Community Based Education Training Facilitator at Mercado Global

Name: Aurora Matzar
Role: Community Based Education Training Facilitator

What is your favorite part about being a mother?
My favorite part of being a mother is the unconditional love I have for my children, it is that feeling that drives me to guide them down the right path in life.


Name: Irma Ben Julajuj
Role: Inventory Manager

How does it feel to empower other mothers through your work?
It makes me feel happy because the work we do at Mercado Global helps other women have the ability to care for and educate their children.


Name: Andrea Lopez
Role: Head of Production

What is one thing you hope to pass down to your children?
I have always told them that respect for others is incredibly important, especially towards their elders.


Check out this incredible video from last year that focuses on what it means to be a mother.


Ruth Álvarez-DeGolia,


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Fashion United Editorial headline: Mercado Global Founder Discusses 20 Years of Bringing Artisan Skills to Fashion Industry
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duolingo wordmark.png__PID:accddab9-532c-4036-b5fa-280f5f069053A group of staff at Mercado Global hold up a sign that says

As a part of Mercado's continued learning initiative, staff are working on their English skills with the help of Duolingo. The team is embracing the challenge of learning the language with several staff, like Telma Manuela González, having used the program for over 150 days in a row!

Portrait photo of Telma Manuela González, the Community Based Education Training Facilitator at Mercado Global.


Community Based Education
Training Facilitator

150-Day Streak in

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