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The Handmade Process

Each Mercado collection starts with a journey to the highlands of Guatemala, where talented indigenous women artisans develop unique creations.

Timeless Traditions

The process of weaving in Guatemala dates back centuries and has been passed down by women from generation to generation. The skilled hands of the Mayans have been weaving for over 2,000 years and to this day, traditional methods are still used. Traditional weaving has remained symbolic to our partner artisans because of its Mayan heritage and the value it holds to the weaver.

Our partner artisans weave using two traditional methods - the traditional back strap loom or the foot loom.

Artisan Looms

Back Strap Loom - The back strap loom is made of 5 essential sticks with one end typically connected to a tree. The women then create tension by tying the other end around her waist to weave.

Foot Loom - In the 15th century, the foot loom was introduced to increase skills and greater production capacity among artisans.