Assorted Personal Mask: Buy one - Give one

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When you purchase a mask handmade by our artisans, you are supporting the production of two masks – one for you and one that we will donate to an essential worker in need.

Each Mercado Global mask is one-of-a-kind —they’re highly effective, reusable, eco-friendly, designed for comfort, and provide critical income to indigenous women artisans in rural Guatemala.

These masks are meant to provide protection against the transmission of water droplets and other airborne particles. They are easily sanitized and can be reused daily time and time again.

Product SKU: PFM2011AST

The Story Behind Our Masks

At Mercado Global, we invest in people - our supporters like you, Indigenous artisans, and the communities that are at the heart of what we stand for. Your purchases and donations have already provided thousands of masks to essential workers on the frontlines of the pandemic, but now with our Masks Where They’re Needed Most campaign, you can choose where your donated mask will end up in the hands of someone in need, completely free of charge.

In the early stages of the pandemic, we worked closely with our artisans to quickly shift from producing fashion accessories to protective masks that are FDA compliant and sustainably made. Each mask has been handmade by one of Mercado Global’s trained artisans – Indigenous women living in rural Guatemala – who will continue receiving a living wage and critical support.

While factories in Guatemala remain closed or a high-risk for employees, our innovative home-based, high volume production model has ensured our artisans can stay safe and self-quarantine.

Learn more about our COVID-19 relief efforts.

Feeling inspired? Donate today to make a difference for those who need us most.

The Personal Face Mask is shaped to fit comfortably over the nose and chin, and secures around the head with elastic bands. Outer layer features a thick layer of handwoven cotton fabric, and the second inner layer features soft linen cotton to provide optimal protection and comfort against the face.

Masks ship in approximately 1-3 business days.

  • 100% cotton mask
  • Elastic bands will be white, not black as pictured for visibility
  • Fabric placement varies
  • Double lined for extra protection
  • Reusable and machine washable
  • Weight: 1.4 ounces
  • Ineligible for other promotions
  • Non-Returnable / Final Sale

Bulk or Wholesale Orders
If you are interested in placing a bulk order, please email Becky Chrisman at

Wear Instructions
Wash your hands prior to putting on your mask and after removing it. Pull the bottom band over your head, then glide the mask up over your face and secure the second band behind your head. Make sure the mask fits snug on your face, minimizing any gaps. If the mask is too loose, knot the elastic bands at the ends for a tighter fit. Avoid touching your face or adjusting your mask unnecessarily once it’s on.

Care Instructions
Machine or hand wash with detergent. Hang Dry.

Fits Most Size
8” W x 5” nose H x 3” ear H

Large Size
8.5” W x 5.5” nose H x 3.5” ear H