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Design a Difference


Meet our Design Ambassadors

Pioneering Change Together

Our Design a Difference Program showcases the potential of designers, rural artisans, and consumers to solve global problems through socially responsible sourcing. Through this program, we teach artisans how to design, produce, and sell to major international retail companies. At the same time, we train international designers in socially responsible sourcing practices.

Working Side-by-Side

Understanding how to design for an international market remains a challenge for indigenous Guatemalans. To address this, we bring international designers into our partner communities in Guatemala to train artisans on designing for international markets. In short-term fellowships, Design a Difference Ambassadors work side by side with artisans on sample development, marketing techniques, and quality control systems.

Design a Difference Ambassadors in turn learn the impact of working with artisans in rural communities as an alternative to factory work. They return to their U.S. companies as ambassadors for socially responsible sourcing.