Migrant communities have continued to face unjust challenges in the U.S. - and now in the pandemic, it is more dire than ever.  Migrants have been excluded from relief aid and denied access to medical care, while disproportionately serving as essential workers. Right now, migrant women are working to keep themselves and their communities safe. But PPE can be expensive and difficult to find, and as schools reopen, the burden of finding masks for children falls on their shoulders.

That's why we launched #Masks4Migrants in collaboration with Justice for Migrant Womenthe Hispanic Heritage Foundation, and This Is About Humanity. Your #Masks4Migrants purchase will support the production of two masks - one for you and one that we will donate to a migrant community at the U.S. and Mexico border.

Each item from our #Mask4Migrants collection has been sustainably made by Mercado Global's partner artisans - Indigenous women in rural Guatemala - and while other income sources have disappeared in the region, they have become the breadwinners for entire communities.

Many of the families receiving #Masks4Migrants hail from the communities they were made in, renewing a sense of hope regardless of how far apart they are. Thank you for supporting this campaign and its founding members. Together, we're changing the narrative and empowering our partner artisans as they protect and support other women and families, despite the distance between them.