Protective Face Mask for Migrants

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Our new Protective Face Mask features double layer of pleated cotton, designed  to fit easily over the face with elastic loops that secure around the ears. This mask also features a sewn in adjustable nose guard for added protection.

One size fits most. Fabric placement varies.

Dimensions: 3’’ H x  8’’ W

Sunset Stripes

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Masks for Migrant Communities

Migrant communities have continued to face unjust challenges in the U.S. - and now in the pandemic, it is more dire than ever. From the Center for Migration Studies, migrants have been excluded from relief aid and denied access to medical care, while disproportionately serving as essential workers.

When you purchase a Mask for Migrant Communities that is handmade by Mercado Global artisans, you are supporting the production of two masks – one for you and one that we will donate to a migrant community in the U.S. that is in urgent need of protection.